Nov 3, 2008

Missed Putts & Broken Dreams

We have all missed them before. Yet here are the lucky winners that were caught on film.

Mark, that putt didn't really mean anything right?

Don't worry Abe, everybody has missed a two footer at some point in their win the match....on the last hole....with everybody watching.

It just....hurts, doesn't it Darrell?

Preston's reaction to a difficult round against two very good opponents and after fighting and battling and scrapping to the very end.... only to find out that all was for naught.

Oct 29, 2008

Jerry Ortiz

Need we say more?

Oct 28, 2008

The Skinny on the Gibby

Every year when the leaves change and college football is in the air, 24 friends gather together for 3 days of food, laughs and a little golf.

The Gibby Classic is an event we all look forward to every year with smiles and anticipation of a super sized weekend.

This blog is meant to keep everyone updated on past and future Gibby's. I've made everyone an author on this blog so leave your comments and feel free to post anything related to your Gibby experiences.

If you subscribe to the RSS feeds on the first page of this blog you'll get an email every time there is a new update to the blog. Also make sure and vote for the courses you want to play in next year's Gibby Classic.

Oct 24, 2008

Gibby 2008

This is the first official post of the legend that is Gibby. More to come soon.